Sunday, June 12, 2005

flash blogging

I have been out of town and on the road and trying to do that whole "catch up on work" fantasy and unable to blog for a couple of weeks. I have been cataloging interesting things in the news. So here is my flash/speed blogging for the last two weeks.

Professor Bainbridge
on the filibuster compromise.

Colorado Conservative on stupid high school kids threatening the President on paper and even more stupid school administrations on preventing a Marine from wearing his dress blues to his high school graduation. Darren continues with a lawyer in Britain and his 119 day opening statement and Kim Jong-Il and his platform shoes. He finishes up with what goes wrong with nicotine addicts and a bear in the pool.

Anne Bancroft dies at age 73
. All movie lovers lost something that day.

A pizza delivery guy goes above and beyond when he finishes his deliveries before seeking medical attention for being shot!

Wanniski has an interesting take on the Deep Throat story.

There is now actually a Right Wing Conspiracy. Now that I am home I intend to get my membership card this week, just to annoy Hillary :-) If you enjoy annoying liberals go there and get yours.

Hollywood's Denzel Washington made a pseudo-political statement recently. I knew I liked this guy, even if his Oscar came for the wrong film. Anybody who uses his money and fame to make life a little better for injured troops or their families deserves a round of applause and a prayer. This seems like a great cause for any of you who were looking for one to donate to.

Victor Davis Hanson on the waste of money we call the UN, brilliantly argued as always.

Paul Krugman continues to prove that he is either clinically insane or clinically stupid. Does this guy really believe most of America is this dumb?

Walter Williams on one of my PC hot buttons, stupid politicians making the world less safe through idiotic policies for Police and Fire Departments to satisfy affirmative action requirements.

Cool science from cool scientists. This woman manages to get a 2000 year old seed to sprout and become a small tree. The tree is a species believed to be extinct until she pulls off this little trick. Her response to the press is "O.K, I have a date plant," Dr. Solowey said. "If it lives, it will be years before we eat any dates. And that's if it's female. There's a 50-50 chance. And if it's a male, it will just be a curiosity." All good scientists are quick to point out what we don't know.

The Sciavo judge is worse than I would have ever imagined. This is a must read article if the runaway judiciary is an issue for you. It turns out this guy isn't even legally qualified to have run for the job and has a worse overturn record than the 9th Circuit wackos in CA.

Hugh Hewitt asks What about Brett?

Thomas Lipscomb has tried to get answers from the Boston Globe on why they haven't shared a copy of the form 180 that Kerry signed. This is the most complete article on this fiasco that I have seen to date.



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