Monday, April 18, 2005

Militants Shut Down Palestinian Building

I read the first paragraph of this story and almost laughed out loud:
Armed Palestinian militants shut down a government building in the West Bank on Sunday and threatened to kill members of the Palestinian parliament, demanding the Palestinian Authority provide jobs to former prisoners and to relatives of people killed in fighting.

I read on and came across this:
The militants demanded jobs for themselves, for Palestinians recently released from Israeli prisons and for relatives of those killed during the nearly five-year-old intefadeh, or uprising.

Last month, Abbas launched a program designed to provide jobs for hundreds of gunmen and militants on the run from the Israeli authorities. The program offers security and government jobs to militants, with the best positions given to those who have spent the most time in Israeli jails or on the run from the military.

Hundreds of gunmen have already signed on to program, which calls on the new recruits to accept the rule of law and the gradual disarming of gunmen.

The initiative is the most significant step taken so far by Abbas to rein in militants and is geared mostly to gunmen from the Al Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades.

I don't find this funny but the question "they are kidding, right?" definitely comes to mind.

Abbas recognizes that there are bunch of lunatics running around with guns and that this is a barrier to peace for his people. So he hires a bunch of them to be security if they promise to be good little boys now. And then he is surprised when

A: Their buddies who didn't get these cushy jobs protest and demand jobs.

B: The guys he hired for security are nowhere around to protect the public from these gun wielding maniacs... You mean you want me to arrest my buddy?

This gets my Documenting Insanity Award for the day.


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