Friday, May 27, 2005

Clinton News Network poll on Hillary

Having disagreed with Paul at Powerline on the ESCR issue, I have to applaud loudly for his analysis of the recent media poll on Hillary's presidential ambitions. Lawyers may generally not get science but good lawyers have great skill at looking at information and asking "how relevant is it?" and "how unusual or important is it?" Paul breaks this poll down like a brilliant statistician and shows us that what the media was trying to say were great numbers for Hillary actually represent very poor ones.

My favorite part:
Moreover, despite Hillary's tireless efforts to cast herself as a moderate, most people aren't buying it. 54% said they consider her a liberal, while only 30% called her a moderate. Bear in mind that the 30% includes an unknown number of liberals who actually believe Hillary is one of them, but know that it's in her interest to call her a moderate.

Hillary can only be a threat if she and the liberal media can convince the average swing voter that she is the moderate she is pretending to be instead of the far lefty that she is. They have been at it for months and it looks like so far "the folks" aren't buying it.

Thanks Paul.


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