Monday, August 01, 2005

How all young warriors should be treated

Because his site is overloaded I have included the post from Peenie Wallie in it's entirety. (HT: Michelle Malkin via Hugh Hewitt)

Marine has farewell dinner with family before shipping off to Iraq. Stranger picks up the tab.

On Tuesday night, July 26th, 2005, a proud father offered to take his son out for a special dinner. Mark Hickethier's son, Matt, had joined the Marines, and this would be one of their last meals together before he shipped out to Iraq, for a tour of duty expected to last one year.

They decided to go to The Fort in Morrison, Colorado, which is about two miles from my house, as the crow flies. It's one of the nicest, most expensive restaurants in the Denver area. It's where President Bill Clinton ate when he visited.

The son, Matt Hickethier, decided to wear his Dress Blues. His mother, sister, and father all dressed for the occasion. They spared no expense on their meal, ordering whatever they desired, regardless of the price, including champagne, appetizers, and dessert.

But when it came time to pay the bill, they had a surprise coming. The gentleman that had been sitting at the table next to them during their meal had picked up their tab. And left. The anonymous stranger had picked up on what was going on, and picked up their tab. He'd left his credit card tab open to cover anything they wanted, and then discreetly left the restaurant, stipulating that The Fort not reveal his identity.

This sounds like one of those chain emails and rumors that you read on the internet, but it isn't. It happened right here at The Fort in Morrison, Colorado. The Local Channel 9 News (NBC) aired the story last night. I called The Fort tonight and verified the story with the manager. He said it happened Tuesday night.

Very cool.


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