Friday, August 12, 2005


The factory tires on my Camry wore out after about 30K miles. I then bought some HR rated tires from Goodyear and really liked the performance of them but they went out after 30K miles. I called my Goodyear guy and he recommended a new A rated tire. I know it is a sedan, but I actually like to drive. I don't like coming to a crawl to do a turn. I called several other places and they recommended the same tire. I gave in and bought a set.

Let me say that this is not your typical A rated tire. The performance in tight corners on dry pavement is much better than the factory tires. Also, the tire is the quietest thing I have ever run on any vehicle. At 75 mph (we can do that legally here) on the highway if you turn off the radio and the air you can hardly hear the tires for the wind noise.... Amazing. It finally rained here so I can now tell you that this tire's performance on wet pavement is much better than either the factory tires or the HRs I had been running. Further still, they are warrantied for 80K miles.

If you have a sedan or a minivan and are looking for tires I would highly recommend looking at Goodyear Assurance tires.


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