Friday, September 09, 2005

Have they found King David's palace?

If you are into biblical history this story in the Haaretz is a must read. My read is that it is too early to tell what exactly they have found but it is certainly significant from an archeological perspective whatever it turns out to be.

The structure that has been unearthed is indeed monumental, concurs Dr. Gabi Barkai of Bar-Ilan University, a recipient of the Jerusalem Prize for Archaeology. It is built atop an 11th century BCE floor, and on top of it are destruction layers dated to the end of the First Temple period. Based on this data, it is very reasonable to assume that it is a structure from the 10th or 9th century BCE. "It is without doubt a public building. It matters little if it is a palace or a fortress. The fact is that a structure like this from this period has not been found in Jerusalem until now, so the findings are most certainly sensational," says Barkai.


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