Friday, October 21, 2005

Dude, You Blew Up My Car!

You absolutely must go read the entire post on 365 and a Wakeup. It is humorous but also points to a significant cultural difference and a harsh reality that the good (meaning law abiding) citizens of Iraq are dealing with. How well would you handle it?

The man who had approached us was indeed the owner, he had the vehicle identification to prove it. The problem was that his vehicle had been stolen the night before, and though he didn't get a good look he was certain they were part of the AIF. He seemed more embarrassed about the situation then anything else, but he made it imminently clear that he wasn't going to get anywhere near the car until we checked it out.

As this was all unfolding the rest of our patrol had split off to the cardinal directions and started stopping traffic from moving through the possible kill zone. Just about the time our last vehicle was in position we placed the call over the net for EOD assistance. We explained the situation in a few clipped transmissions and once the information had been passed up a voice came over the net and said So this guy knows we are going to blow up his car right? There was a long pause as the translator passed the message to the owner, and an even longer pause as he considered his options. Then the owner shrugged his shoulders and agreed.


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