Tuesday, October 04, 2005


According to Jon Dougherty at WND (I haven't found a second source but his article is pretty well sourced itself), the Oklahoma University student who "committed suicide" is more than we were first told. He had a cache of explosives at his house.
Hagmann also said those same sources indicated police and federal agents "had pulled additional explosives from [Hinrichs'] house," including triacetone triperoxide, or TATP, "homemade explosive [that is] very potent but relatively easily manufactured."

So it looks like he was somewhat into it, not just a kid who went over the edge one afternoon. This is bad. But wait, it gets worse!
The confiscated jihad documents "referenced bomb-making manuals and that type of thing," Hagmann said, who added Hinrichs' apartment in Norman, Okla., is "located near the Islamic Society."

This is very, very bad. I was afraid of this when I heard how quickly the FBI took over the investigation (as opposed to assisting, being involved, etc).

How big was the cache?
WorldNetDaily reported earlier that officials carted away a huge cache of explosives from Hinrichs' apartment. Police were overheard telling residents it would take "several trips and could take up to 24 hours" to remove it all, according to the Daily Oklahoman. A canister trailer used for detonating or transporting potentially explosive material was being used to haul items away.

Explosives are usually hauled off in small units to reduce the impact of an unitended explosion, but 24 hours?


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