Friday, December 02, 2005

I need help

My bible study made a decision a few weeks ago to attempt to do something good for Christmas. It is our goal to help make Christmas a happier day for a handful of those in need and most deserving. We are looking for military families in the Denver area whose Christmas could be better with some toys, food, clothing, etc. We, and by we I mostly mean I :-), would be particularly interested in families who have either lost a parent or who has a parent that has been seriously disabled, but any military family having a tough financial time with an active duty member or a called up reservist is fair game.

This is a serious offer. Please send email to if you know of any such families or know of organizations that can help us get linked up with them.

Likewise, if you or some group you are involved with is interested in this goal, drop me a line. The more the better. We want to help as many of these families who have sacrificed for us as possible. Our team is using our personal and professional contacts to get great discounts and make our money go as far as possible but we are a small group of ordinary Americans so our resources are limited.


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