Friday, December 30, 2005

Women gone wild (or crazy)

The Arizona Daily Star has this story of a 26 year old woman who was arrested on charges of having sex with a 12 year old boy at a domestic violence shelter. As though it isn't messed up enough that this poor boy's father is (presumably) a violent asshole, some creepy woman at the shelter where he was supposed to be safe rapes him.

And, just so you know that women are going nuts the world over and not just here, we have this story. Some crazy rich 41 year old Jewish woman had a ceremonial wedding with the love of her life at Eilat dolphin reef. Yes, she really married a dolphin. There is reason to believe the 35 year old male dolphin has a sexual identity crisis resulting from spending his entire life named "Cindy". Follow the link to the original story to see the picture of the marital kiss. Of course, the woman loudly proclaims that "I'm not a pervert". Sure.


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