Monday, January 30, 2006

Speed Blogging

Hugh takes on Journalism and the way it is now taught.

Muslim admits that Koran is a source of evil and hate speech in Court! It will be interesting to see if this defense works.

Publius Pundit caught Codepink using photoshop..... funny.

US Navy busts pirates off coast of Somalia.

An interesting attempt to correct a bias in public schools.

Regional bank BB&T takes moral high ground and will not loan money to private projects that use eminent domain to get land.

Gays to cause problems at Easter Egg Roll?

Minnesota's Ed Union advertising for more money. Powerline gives some interesting stats.

E3 Expo Bans Booth Bunnies? In LA? Next to Hollywood, land of the see through dresses for formal affairs? Odd but true. I wasn't going anyway.

Iceland to ban gasoline. It is an interesting plan.

Uzbekistan bans fur-lined underwear. Now you might think that fur lined underwear is some kinky sex novelty. But it has been a couple weeks since the temperature has gotten over -20 there. In that context, fur lined underwear sounds down right practical.

Guy busted for driving in HOV lane with "dummy" in passenger seat. The article reads like there is no additional penalty for trying to fool the police with this ruse in Colorado. Someone should fix that if that is in fact the case. Of course, it is the Denver Post, so it could just be bad reporting.

Former President Jimmy Carter calls for more aid to "Palestinians" after they elected Hamas to represent them. Sure Jimmy. Have you been hitting the Billy Beer too hard again?

Professor Bainbridge details a very interesting set of financial transactions between Carl Icahn and various companies he owns or sits on the board of. Sounds slimey to me but it might actually be reasonable in the world of high finance and the strange world of telecommunications.

Apple offers college lectures via iPod. Very cool. I have actually listened to a couple of interesting lectures and have downloaded a few more.

Powerline takes on the NYT on their lies about the NSA wiretap program. A Must read.

No more raising your hand in British schools. It could be bad for kids egos. (HT: Tammy)

Alito debate ends with cloture vote 72-25. Kerry looks silly again..... still.


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