Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Ex-officer spurned on WMD claim

Scott at Powerline points us to this article from the NY Sun. It seems that is at least one investigator from the Pentagon thinks he knows where there is, still, WMD stockpiles in Iraq. He found sealed under water bunkers with walls 5 feet think that the locals in the know say contain chemical weapons stockpiles. The Iraq Survey Group which is tasked with checking out reports of WMD is not, according to the article, equipped to check out these bunkers. Make of it what you will but if these bunkers exist what else would they be for? Why would anybody go to all the trouble of building under water bunkers for conventional arms or anything else "normal"? Why would you go to the trouble of building them and then seal the tunnel entrance (big enough for a tractor) with concrete? If they exist it seems to me we need to get the right equipment to them and answer those questions.


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