Friday, February 17, 2006

Hamas doesn't want our money

Our money is now apparently Satanic. We're very glad they don't want it because they are not going to get any.

There is a repercussion to this move, of course. They will just ask for, and probably get, more money from Iran (and possibly Syria). That money will come with conditions. Those conditions will almost certainly include Hamas not changing their charter accepting the state of Israel. So Hamas will be painted into a corner. They won't be able to afford to become more moderate and nobody who matters will sit at the table with them until they do.

Will the people throw them out after things get worse? Will this escalate into a full out war? I don't know but I am glad we are turning off the tap. At some point you have to stand up against evil. Hopefully the people who elected these terrorists will see the error of their ways quickly.


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