Friday, February 03, 2006

Ted Rall is an idiot

Just saw him on "Hannity and Colmes" trying to make the point that it was inappropriate for the Joint Chiefs of Staff to formally complain about the ill-conceived and offensive political cartoon featuring a quadriplegic wounded soldier. When Sean said that "these guys give you your freedoms" Ted said "No they don't, the Constitution does". An argument ensued. He refuses to understand that while, technically, as a legal point, the constitution ensures freedom of the press it is the military and police who primarily ensure that this protection is meaningful and not just a bunch of words on an old sheet of hemp paper. What a bonehead! He could not have come up with a worse line while trying to defend this offensive and stupid cartoon.

And for you Muslims out there all up in arms about the Danish cartoons, we aren't planning to kill either the cartoonist responsible or dumb dumb Ted for defending it. We won't throw them in jail over it. We just despise them, write about them on blogs and tell them they are idiots. A few people will cancel newspaper subscriptions. A few more will remember to send a note to an old friend who served in the military thanking them again.

Oh, and good for the Joint Chiefs. This is not oppression of free speech. That is the most senior military men in our country doing part of their job, standing up for their men. A letter of protest from these men is no more oppression of speech than a letter from a CEO. Dumb dumb Ted knows that there is no threat of military force, assassination, jail time, "disappearing them", etc. These men do guarantee the freedom for idiots who make cartoons like this to publish them. That does not mean they have lost their freedom to disagree publicly with the misuse of that freedom.


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