Monday, February 13, 2006

Torn on WND poll

I hate it when sites put up polls that have several answers I agree with and they only let me pick one.
What's your reaction to Vice President's Cheney shooting a fellow hunter?

They gave 10 choices and I wanted to pick 7.5 of them.
Media will blow this out of proportion purposefully to make Cheney look bad

I still would rather go hunting with Cheney than Bill or Hillary Clinton any day of the week

Hunting can be dangerous, and accidents happen

I feel bad for the victim and Cheney, but I can't wait to hear the jokes

I stand by Dick Cheney, who is a great vice president

Thank goodness the man was not hurt more seriously or killed, it would have been a major tragedy

And just for the humor factor, I liked this one:
The incident shows guns don't shoot people, vice presidents do


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