Friday, March 24, 2006

Diane Carman is at it again

In this piece of tripe she tries to resurrect the Lisa Simpson case and claim that the judge screwed up in not punishing CU for allowing the girl to be raped. The only problem is that the evidence not only does not suggest that it is clear she was raped, it tends to show that she wasn't. If she was it was done in a private residence with no school supervision.

What happened at UGA to the young woman who was apparently raped by a bunch of athletes is despicable. I didn't ever see a story telling me how these guys got away with not going to jail as the evidence did heavily support her story and I am disappointed that the school did not punish them. That has absolutely nothing to do with the non-scandal over recruiting at CU. Everything at CU appears to have been consensual acts between adults, albeit somewhat Animal-House-ish.

By trying to make an apparent non-victim out to be a horribly abused victim you run a very real risk of contributing to the boy-who-cried-wolf syndrome, thus making it harder for real victims of rape on a college campus to get justice.


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