Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Vox Day on the future of education

I often disagree with Vox Day, but he almost always lays out an argument for his position that you can follow. He does so on what he sees as the future of college education in this commentary, which I largely agree with. I particularly like the last paragraph:
Technology has an uncanny way of puncturing such structural vacuities. Already universities are flirting with various forms of Internet-based distance education, and once a brand-name university realizes that it is far more profitable to charge $1,000 per class to 10,000 online students than $40,000 in annual tuition to 1,000 on-campus freshmen without harming the brand, the next great revolution in higher education will begin.
Video iPod U! I love it. I especially love it for those of us who might like to take some classes that have crazy work schedules making it impossible to take traditional classroom classes. And I think it is already beginning to happen, although not fast enough for my taste.


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