Friday, August 11, 2006

Joe Lieberman and the fate of the donkey

I intended to write a big long post on this when I had a few minutes and then I ran across Ann Coulter's piece this week. I can't top it so I'll just point to it. I am quite seriously considering writing Senator Lieberman a check which is sad because I don't agree with him on much and have never lived in Connecticut. That said, Lamont is an anti-semitic empty suit and we have enough utter embarrassments in the US Senate.

There are three paragraphs that just have to be plucked out both for their humor and their pointed truth of the situation. Do yourself a favor and go read the whole thing.
Gandy's support for Lamont must have been a particularly bitter pill for Lieberman to swallow, inasmuch as he has long belonged to the world's smallest organization solely to satisfy bloodthirsty feminists like Gandy's Orthodox Jews for Partial-Birth Abortion. (OJFPBA has just slightly more members than GBRFC, "Gay Black Republicans for Choice.")


By contrast, Democrats were nearly split, with only 46 percent agreeing that America is generally a fair and decent country, and with 37 percent saying America is not a generally fair and decent country. Only 48 percent of Democrats said they thought that the world would be a better place if more countries were like the United States.

Democrats constantly complain that the nation has never been so divided, but consider that half of them think the statement that America is a good country is a divisive remark.


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