Saturday, January 13, 2007

I have no idea....

About a lot of things. The topic at hand, however, is a seemingly well intended project involving a lovely young lady named Gina. The project is Pinups for Vets. It involves you buying or gifting a modern replication of the old WWII pinup calendars to assist the troops. The calendar is tarty but tasteful, just like the WWII ones of such fame. I immediately had 3 thoughts about it (well 4, but the first one is obvious).

- I somehow doubt that soldiers in Muslim countries can post them in their barracks
- I somehow doubt that soldiers in a VA hospital are allowed to
- I am not clear on how much of the $$ you shell out goes to the charities mentioned

To solve 1 & 2 above maybe we need a calendar with girl next door head shots with big eyes and wide smiles. Or maybe we need to just let our warriors be men?

At any rate, a cute idea even if it doesn't solve all the worlds problems.


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