Monday, April 25, 2005

I finally broke down

And bought an iPod Mini. I love music from a variety of genres. I was given a GPX mp3 player for Christmas and I got the bug. It was entirely reasonable for the price but I want to tote around more music than it could handle and I like the idea of syncing my Mac address book and calendar to another device than my cell phone which is old and likes to be plugged in more than it likes to be used. It also serves as a high capacity transfer device for files when I am at a telco data center which tend to have limited Internet connectivity..... (for those outside the business, this is true to the point of comical although it makes no rational sense, the place that you get your Intenet access from has limited access when you are actually there) The integration with iTunes is brilliant and I must find a way to tear myself away from it or my wife is going to leave me :-)

My big problem was deciding between the even smaller and cableless Shuffle and the higher featured Mini which requires me to carry around yet another cable. The break point for me was that the Mini, like the Shuffle, charges off of any USB port meaning I don't need to find yet another electrical outlet in a hotel room.


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