Tuesday, July 19, 2005

bloglines is cool

My list of interesting blogs had gotten unmanageable in a standard web browser so I went looking for a solution. I tried 20+ RSS/Atom tools for the Mac and was disappointed with all of them for one or more reasons. I went to Google and found bloglines and I am pretty impressed. The best feature it has that none of the fat clients have is that it allows me to switch between various computers without having to remark articles as having been read. This could be done on the Mac by tying into iSync but I don't expect to see that any time soon.

Many of the Mac fat clients were highly unstable. This may be a result of them not being updated for Tiger which has significant OS changes that might cause freeware/shareware to become unstable until updated. I don't know. The thing I found most interesting is that none of the ones I tried would actually cache the articles. I travel quite a bit so this is a big deal. If my laptop was just downloading the stuff I want to read while I was working I could just close it and go to the airport. Bloglines doesn't solve this problem either but since I don't get that feature with the fat clients it will do for now.

If anybody has found a better solution to this problem feel free to email me.


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