Friday, August 12, 2005

giving up one of my favorite tools

I am sorry to report that I have confirmed this story about Google being completely juvenile and putting their personal feeling ahead of their primary business mission.

For the next year, or until Google publicly apologizes for being so childish and reverses course I will not use Google under any circumstances. I have continued to use Google through their documented political moves in accepting some "offensive" ads but not others. This is America and even corporations are allowed to have a political opinion/slant. Technology sites are not, however, allowed to blackball useful information feeds because someone working for that feed chose to illustrate a point by publishing what that technology site itself turned up on one of its own executives in a search any of us could have done.

Live by the sword, lose my business because you can't deal with the consequences. Back to the much inferior technology but much less immature business of for me for the near future.


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