Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Or however the grunts spell it, is the only way to describe the story told in this post from Major K.
A second shot was fired that hit SGT C. in the throat. He was not grazed on the side, he was shot through the center of his neck. SGT C. already knew at the time that his unit was under attack by a sniper. As his men came to get him out of the line of fire he warned them to stay back. He knew that one of them could be next, and he was unwilling to put his men at risk. Well, they just wouldn't have it, and came forward anyway, pulling him back to a covered position where they administered first-aid and prepared to evacuate him.


The sniper's bullet had passed through his neck and throat with an absolute minimum of damage. It missed his carotid artery, jugular vein, spine, and spinal cord by millimeters. He was offered the opportunity to fly to Germany and probably then on to the US to recuperate by the medical staff. He turned it down. He wanted to get back to his men and his brothers in Charlie Company.

OK, so does anybody doubt that this guy is the real deal? Does anybody doubt that his men would follow him through the eternal fires of hell? Is this a story?
While the news of Dup's tragic death made headlines in local papers back home, no reporter ever came by to learn about this. They just regurgitated the military press release and called the family.

I think so, but nobody has (as of yet) put me in charge of a major media outlet.... and how many hours have they spent on the afterlife channeling moonbat in Crawford?

God Bless them, every one!


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