Monday, August 29, 2005

2 good posts on the Bush nominations

The New Hampshire Union Leader has this piece by Kathleen Parker.

YOU HAVE to figure John Roberts is a shoo-in for the Supreme Court when detractors resort to criticizing his attitude. When he was 17.

The ever informative Claudia Rosett has this one at OpinionJournal.
A few things, however, are within Mr. Bolton's power. Most important is that he simply perform the immense public service of telling Americans--who represent the bulk of the U.N.'s so-called global taxpayers--the truth about what goes on inside the institution. The last time anyone in possession of both a fancy title and a U.N. grounds pass attempted that feat was when President Reagan sent Jeane Kirkpatrick to serve as his U.N. ambassador back in 1981.

And here's to hoping that he is worthy of that comparison. Jeane Kirkpatrick reminded me of my grandmother. Warm and friendly but frank and direct to a fault - without an ounce of pretentiousness and a "let's just get it done" attitude to whatever task was at hand.


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