Monday, August 22, 2005

Myles Brand begins to ruin another org

I knew it wouldn't be long before Myles Brand tried to ruin the NCAA the same way he did my university. I was a student at IU when he came to town strongarming everyone with his particularly twisted sense of PC. The national press covered his fight with Coach Knight and his ruining of a major player in NCAA Division 1 basketball. What they did not cover was the ruining of many academic programs which fell, no plummeted, out of the top 10 in the nation under his PC rule.

Hopefully the guts to challenge him will spread from Charles Kupchella at the University of North Dakota to many of his peers. His arguments in the article quoted are really hard to argue with. Read the whole thing.
Is it the use of the names of tribes that you find hostile and abusive?

Not long ago I took a trip to make a proposal to establish an epidemiological program to support American Indian health throughout the Upper Great Plains. On this trip I left a state called North Dakota. (Dakota is one of the names the indigenous people of this region actually call themselves.) I flew over South Dakota, crossing the Sioux River several times, and finally landed in Sioux City, Iowa, just south of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The airplane in which I traveled that day was called a Cheyenne.

I think you should find my confusion here understandable, since obviously if we were to call our teams “The Dakotans,” we would actually be in more direct violation of what apparently you are trying to establish as a rule, even though this is the name of our state. This situation, of course, is not unlike that faced by our sister institution in Illinois.


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