Tuesday, August 02, 2005

when smart women go stupid

If you are smart enough to get stupid men to pay you $2,000/hour for your time you should likewise be smart enough to keep your mouth shut (HT:Wizbang, and he has a bunch more of these under "shut your piehole" if you find these kinds of stories as funny as I do).

From All Headline News:

New York, NY (AHN) - New Yorkers who are familiar with the name Natalia McLennan are learning the news Sunday that the city's No.1 Escort, has been arrested.

New York Magazine recently labeled McLennan as the "Number One Escort In New York City", prompting McLennan to take to the air-waves as well as numerous newspapers and magazines giving details of her shady career as an escort for the wealthy including lawyers, politicians, and professional sports players, leaving some on-edge that a list will emerge of names ala Heidi Fleiss.


McLennan has reportedly gone into hiding until her court date. The escort claims to have taken home almost $2-million dollars last year charging clients as much as $2,000 an-hour.

It leads me to wonder if she was smart enough to pay taxes on enough of it to keep from being the next Al Capone.


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