Friday, September 30, 2005

87% of McDonald's workers are Hispanic

Or, er, maybe not. I am not sure after reading this NBC story. According to the story, 87% of the employees "observed" in Fairfield County, Connecticut and 64% in New Haven County "appeared to be" hispanic.

This data comes from "observing" 152 workers around the state. Connecticut is not very big, but I would bet they have a few dozen McDonald's. Let's lowball it and say they have 20 statewide. 152/20 = 7.6 observed workers per outlet. The average outlet must employ > 50 people. It is all sounding like a setup.

Then the punch line:
"This is to me occupational displacement-- all of a sudden, in places like Bridgeport and New Haven and Stamford, there aren't any African-Americans working there like there used to be? What's happened?" he said.

Ahhhhh! When McDonald's and Walmart hire blacks they are oppressing them with low wages. When they hire hispanics they are displacing blacks. Which is it?

The story bothers to tell us that 10% of the states population are Hispanic. There is no mention of the percentage of blacks in the state or at the "observed" McDonald's. Worse than that for me, there is no mention of the percentage of the population of hispanics in the counties they complain about. I don't know much of anything about Connecticut. Are hispanics and blacks evenly proportioned throughout the various counties? I would guess not.

Maybe there is a problem here, maybe there isn't. Bad journalism has left me with insufficient data to make a judgment.... and I don't care enough to go find out for myself.


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