Friday, September 30, 2005

2 day sentence for bigamy

I am speechless after reading this article in the Des Moines Register. It starts:

A woman who admits she was married to three men at the same time will spend two days in jail on a bigamy charge.

Can anybody find me a man caught married to two women, yet alone three, who got a two day sentence? But, wait, it gets better:

The multiple marriages were uncovered during an investigation of a fatal fire in Griswold.

Street’s daughter, Tracey Dyess, then 17, is accused of setting the blaze which killed her 13-year-old sister, Jessica, and a 6-year-old nephew, Kaleb.

Street’s third husband, Brian, who escaped the fire at the home, faces federal charges of pornography and sexual abuse involving Tracey and Jessica.

So she is not just a bigamist, she is obviously guilty of child endangerment and being a horrible Mother (which isn't necessarily illegal but should be).

But wait, there's more...

Debbie Street is already on probation for a crime involving fraudulent check writing.

Isn't poligamy and child endangerment a probation violation in Iowa?


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