Monday, September 26, 2005

Medal of Honor recipients

If you are not listening to Hugh Hewitt at the moment, go find the right station. He is interviewing Medal of Honor recipients and that always makes for good radio.

We currently have only 121 living recipients and they are very special people for a whole host of reasons.

Before going to break, Hugh was asking why some medals come very quickly after the incident and some take 30 years or more, one of the recipients (sorry I didn't catch the names) told a tale. Bob Kerry, who won the medal in the Navy, was asked by someone how you get the Medal of Honor. His response was "First, you have to do something heroic. Two people have to see it. They have to be able to write and they have to not hate you."

If you don't get the humor in that you are at the wrong blog.

I suspect RadioBlogger will have a transcript of some or all of this soon. I intend to go read it as I missed the first 45 minutes due to work (why haven't I won the lottery yet?).


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