Friday, September 09, 2005

We have a field mouse problem

My field mouse problem is largely my own fault, caused by putting up bird feeders across the road from a farmers field. My terrier is totally happy about it and it keeps him busy and fit.

If there were people when the pterosaur was around, they had bigger problems. Much, much bigger!

THE largest animal ever to fly - a giant reptile called a pterosaur - was much bigger and more fearsome than previously realised, new fossil evidence has revealed.

Using computer three-dimensional imaging, scientists have calculated that the Israeli pterosaurs had a 14m wing span. But a new discovery of fossilised footprints in Mexico indicates some individuals had a wingspan of more than 18m.

For those of you that don't do metric, 18m = 59 feet. I want no part of a bird with a 59 foot wingspan. The new proposed multi-role fighter jet will have a wingspan of 32 feet, 8 inches. Apparently it ate mostly fish. They either had big fish or this thing must have eaten a lot of them.

Go read the whole thing. HT: WND


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