Friday, October 21, 2005

Balco Exec found guilty

The CEO of Balco, Victor Conte, pleaded guilty to selling illegal drugs to sports figures. These were "performance enhancing" drugs and not "reality altering" drugs, but controlled illegal substances none the less. He got 4 months in prison and Barry Bonds trainer got 3 months. What would they have gotten if they were selling, oh, say, heroine or cocaine or ecstasy? The feds want to put grandma in jail for longer than that for smoking a joint for her glaucoma. The Reuters article does not make it clear if this is a problem of law or an insane judge. Remember that these idiots ruined baseball for millions of little boys (and little boys at heart).

Also not mentioned, much to my chagrin, is whether Conte and his deputy will be allowed to continue being involved in the drug business. Conte owns the company so he won't be fired. Will federal law allow a guy convicted on selling drugs illegally to continue to run a drug company?


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