Monday, October 24, 2005

Blog Roll changes

I had been meaning to get around to removing Colorado Conservative from my blog roll for some time. It is not that I thought Darren became untrustworthy or uninteresting. He changed jobs and basically stopped blogging. If he starts up again I will make a note and add him back to my list. I particularly miss both his local news stories (I am in Colorado) and the utterly bizarre stories he routinely found and posted.

While I was at it I added Dry Bones Blog which I found recently (although it has been around a long time) and have been looking at daily. Yaakov Kirschen is a cartoonist from Israel who post a cartoon and the thoughts behind it every Monday through Friday. In this time of war, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc. I know that a little humor every day is helpful to me.

I have a few others I need to add as well as to bother to categorize them.... I promise I will get to it soon.


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