Saturday, October 01, 2005

Prof Bainbridge on the DeLay indictment

Professor Bainbridge points out that Tom Delay will be both prosecuted (or is that persecuted) and defended by Democrats from his reading of a Tom Kirkendall posting on the matter. There is a lot of good analysis on this sham indictment all over the internet. This is the only one I found that was genuinely funny.
By the way, Mr. DeLay has purchased a first-rate defense team, which includes well-known Houston defense attorney, Dick DeGuerin. You may recall that Mr. DeGuerin recently obtained a rather extraordinary acquittal for a client who had far more difficult problems than Mr. DeLay does.

Finally, Dick DeGuerin -- like Mr. Earle, the prosecutor -- is a Democrat. So, one of the leading Republicans in the U.S. Congress is going to be prosecuted and defended by Democrats.


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