Saturday, October 01, 2005

Steve Lovelady made a major mistake

Jason Van Steenwyk takes him apart in this post about the difference in federal response between Katrina and Andrew (HT: PowerLine). Add another notch on the handle of the gun pointed at the MSM. Go read it, it is most intriguing.
And apparently, Mr. Pitts is the only one between us who has, in Lovelady's words, a "first-person story" to tell.

That's right. Despite two tours as a headquarters company commander, a combat tour as a headquarters company XO, a brief interlude, in combat, as a battalion S-4, actual mobilizations for Charley, Jeanne, and Frances, an alert for Mitch, two mobilizations for Hurricane Dennis, a mobilization for Katrina when it hit the Keys (though I did not directly participate), another warning order for deployment to Mississippi in October for Katrina relief (turns out they didn't need us, but we still went through the planning for it as far as we could), and a mobilization for Hurricane Rita, AND despite the fact that I was also on the ground in the Kendall region in South Miami a week after hurricane Andrew (I was on a 4 day pass from the Infantry Officer Basic Course at Fort Benning Georgia, that labor day weekend, helping my late grandmother clean up), apparently only Pitt has any valid experiences to speak intelligently about hurricane relief.

Oooopppppsssss! It appears that Mr. Lovelady made the mistake of arguing about the reality of National Guard Hurricane relief with someone who just might know something about the topic.


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