Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Taiwan is a part of China

Somebody noticed that the google map lists the island of Taiwan as a "province of China" and the Taiwanese are not happy about it. While I do not agree with the official positions, it is worth noting that the Taiwanese government (ROC), the mainland Chinese government (PRC), the United States, and the UN all officially recognize it as such.

"Taiwan is an independent, sovereign state. Taiwan is not part of China," David Huang, whip for the Taiwan Solidarity Union legislative caucus, told the Taipei Times.

While that is a heartwarming statement that many of us with were true and hope to see made true, it is not the official position of even his own government. They do claim to be an independent state, but one that is a part of "One China". And the claim of true independence is even a bit dicey, "self-ruled" or some such is the official language on that. We do not have official diplomatic or trade relations with them and they are not a member of the UN.

It sucks, but Google is technically acurate and they are now in a pickle. If they don't change it the Taiwanese and most of the free world will be pissed at them. If they do change it, the PRC will make a big grandstand about it. My guess is the latter will happen. It will be interesting to see how much bluster the PRC throws up.


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