Friday, November 11, 2005

Most Interesting.

LGF points to a story by some Aztlan crazy claiming that all the signs are there for the minority community of LA to turn to riots that:

1. Will make the French riots look tame.
2. May spread throughout the nation.

The interesting part is his list of outrages over which they are considering suicide by cop. I looked at the original article and it did not reference source materials for the claim (big shock). I thought I would provide them for you, being the nice guy I am. I remembered the details of one of these incidents and vaguely remembered the second.

The first incident was the killing by the Los Angeles Police Department of 13 year old Devin Brown, a Black youth, out for an innocent "joy ride" at night.

Accepted facts: The kid was out DRIVING on the streets at 4 am (a crime). The car he was driving he had stolen (a felony). When cornered he threw the car in reverse and aimed it at a police officer who was out of the car attempting to approach (a felony). The officer fired into the BACK of the car, was not hit, but the police car was and there was significant damage.

The kids death is sad, but bad things happen to little kids who go out in the middle of the night, commit felonies and attempt to ram cars into cops.

The second was the shooting death by the LAPD SWAT Team of 19-month-old Suzie Pena, a baby of Salvadorean origins.

Money quote from the LA Voice article:
You'll recall that a SWAT rifle bullet killed Suzie Marie Pena at some point during the 2-1/2-hour gun battle that was started when her father, Jose Raul Pena, began roving around his car dealership clutching her to his side and shooting at people, and eventually barricaded the two of them inside.

Clearly they intentionally shot the little baby because they hate Salvadorean children. This is a tragedy, but it was caused by the father, not the LAPD. When you cradle your baby and then walk around shooting at people in a drunken, coke induced haze there is a real possibility that the baby will get hurt.

And, in another "Only in America" moment, the father is suing the city and the LAPD for wrongful death. Doesn't this fall under the "you cannot receive monetary gain as a result of your own criminal behavior" rule? I am pretty sure it falls under the "go away you annoying little worm" rule.

The third serious police brutality case was the savage beating of Black Muslim Minister Tony Mohammed while he was ministering to a family that had lost a son to gang violence.

I had not heard about this one. I did many Google searches. Nothing. I learned that this guy is a radical Nation of Islam leader. I learned that he has filed a class action suit over police brutality against others. I did not find any reference to him being beaten.

Is this an urban legend? Did it happen but NOBODY covered it?


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