Sunday, December 04, 2005

An update on the CU/Nebraska fiasco

From the same columnist who wrote the only MSM piece I saw denouncing the fan behavior at the game we have an update in today's column about the roaring defeat at Texas.

More CU students got expelled from the loss to Nebraska than traveled to the Big 12 Conference title game.

While it is good news in my opinion that some students got expelled this is typical of today's MSM. We are left to guess how many students did each. Assuming that he uses the English language correctly, more than one. No clues about narrowing it down more than that. His statement is true (assuming it isn't sarcasm which it may be if you read it in context) if 3 students were expelled and 2 went to the Texas game.

I don't give a fig about the latter number but it would be nice if the press made a couple calls and found out how many were given the heave-ho after last weekends embarrassment. It should be well into the middle double digits. Maybe I will give it a shot.

He also makes a number of references to graduation rates of the football program but gives us no numbers. He implies that they are falling but never explicitly says so. Are they? Are they better or worse than most division one schools? No clue. This is very important IMHO. One of the reasons I was/am a Bobby Knight fan was his graduation rates. I knew a few of the players in school and it is no secret how he got those rates and there was no hanky-panky involved. His success on the court was secondary to his insistence that his players were students first.

Also worth noting, he still calls the witch hunt over recruiting a scandal and harps on it throughout the column. I suppose he also couldn't be bothered to read the official investigation report. If you read the whole thing you have to come to the conclusion that "the scandal" is much ado about nothing. It ain't the LA Times but the Denver Post is not exactly full of great reporting.


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