Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Glaceau Vitamin water

I was at a filling station earlier today. Exciting, huh! I walked into the little store intending to buy a Gatorade. I noticed they had a new product for a little less money so I bought a Glaceau vitamin water, flavor orange-orange. It was OK, didn't quite give me the zing that I get from Gatorade, but I wasn't being picky.

After finishing it I bothered to look at the blurb on the bottle to see what their pitch was. I must reproduce here for your enjoyment. The lack of caps is included on the bottle. Any other typos are mine.

orange-orange (c + calcium)

ah, orange juice commercials, funny stuff. mom cheerily prepares some huge breakfast while the rest of her family sleeps. sure, this could happen. but every morning? please. maybe if mom were heavily medicated, in which case, we wouldn't condone operating a stove or any electrical appliance.

for those of us who don't live in an orange juice commercial, there's still a way to get your morning nutrition. this product has calcium and lots of vitamin c, so you can get your day started right, minus the whole stepford mom thing.

vitamins + water = all you need

I thought it was cute.


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