Monday, February 06, 2006

Durbin plays the doofus again

This is funny! Go watch. Senator Durbin clearly does not understand the box the Democrats have painted themselves into on the NSA intercept program. Paul Mirengoff clearly does. Paul's question to Senator Durbin:
FISA contains an exception for surveillance that is authorized by another statute, and the administration says that the Authorization for Use of Military Force is such a statute. It that's true, the NSA's international surveillance program is consistent with FISA. Why don't you introduce a resolution to the effect that the AUMF was not intended to authorize the surveillance in question?

It is no surprise that not only did the Senator not want to answer the question, it was pretty clear that he didn't understand it. But the funniest part of the whole thing is that Senator Durbin had never heard of either Pajamas Media or POWERLINE! Now I can understand a not-so-bright politician who gets all of his news from the antique media and/or staffers having not heard of Pajamas Media, but after the Dan Rather/Mary Mapes fiasco who can claim to be informed and not know what Powerline is?


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