Friday, February 17, 2006

Editors Suspended over cartoons at UofI

Whatever you think of republishing the jihad cartoons, is it reasonable for a University to suspend the student editor and his opinions editor for making the decision to do so? At the University of Illinois that is exactly what happened. The student leaders at the paper decided to publish them. The university then suspended them. They went even farther by:
Then, on Monday, the paper ran an editorial apologizing for Gorton's decision and called the move "a blatant abuse of power" by a "renegade editor who firmly believes that his will is also the will of the paper."
I don't know much about the newspaper business but I always thought that deciding what to publish and not to publish was the substantially the responsibility of the person with the title “Editor”.

I respect the right of the Muslims on campus to peacably protest the publishing. I am surprised that I don't find stories about most of the student body protesting the suspension. I guess Big 10 students have gotten a little more mellow about censorship since I was there. (HT: Hugh)


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