Thursday, February 16, 2006

Post 500, comments on

I am trying a little experiment with comments beginning with this post (#500 BTW, good for me). They are moderated mostly because I don't need the lawsuits. I say I am trying it as an experiment because I don't know how much of a time vaccuum they will become. I promise to do my best to try to stay on top of it. Given the small readership it should work unless the lunatics or bots attack.

I will state here publicly that I am not responsible for the content of comments. I will not censor comments simply because I disagree with them.

The Rules
  1. No foul language.
  2. No gratuitous insults, defamation, or offensiveness (in other words, no Kos Kid behavior).
  3. Nothing that sounds like a threat to anyone.
  4. No ads for your junk.
  5. No lunatic conspiracy theories.
  6. Stay at least remotely on topic.

I think that covers most of it. If you leave a valid email address and I decide to censor your post for something outside of those 6 I will email you.

Thanks for stopping by.


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