Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Engineering modification 487

This is very cute marketing. If you are a parent you should go look at the customizable message M&Ms (HT: MKH) Go look and then come back. Any bets on what percentage get the message "Happy Birthday"? And they can get ten bucks per 8 oz. bag of them. Very cute.

Now, for the engineering modification: I want to buy bags of M&Ms that just have a big letter on the back side so that I can top cakes and stuff with a custom message I make from a set of M&Ms (ask my wife, this is about as artistic as I get). How many M&Ms come in an 8oz bag? Just sell bags full of the letters at Walmart guys. That would be cool, although admittedly this could be worth while as well.

"Marry me" fits on one of your two lines so as long as your chocoholic bride-to-be has a name or nickname 8 characters or less, this could be fun. This works with "Goodbye" as well for those of you not happy. "Mailgeek" fits on one line so I if I ever go commercial this could be a useful handout. The possibilities are endless.


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