Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Professor Bainbridge misses the point

In his piece on the reaction to the King Funeral politics he points out that these things have a tendency to backfire and will probably help Bush in the long run.
In sum, Bush got dissed to his face in public. BFD. He's a big boy and ought to be able to take it. Indeed, if I were in Bush's shoes right now, I'd be pretty happy about it. Just as the Wellstone funeral fired up the GOP base in 2004, this episode has fired up Bush's base. In other words, this is a win-win for Bush. He gets some credit from moderates for showing up and gets lots of support from the base for being insulted. Given how rocky Bush's standing is these days, maybe he ought to seek out opportunities to be publicly criticized.

That isn't the point Professor. The reason that these things backfire and it will probably help the GOP in the long run is because it is unacceptable behavior. Attacking the President's policies is perfectly acceptable (and expected) in many venues. This was the funeral of a much-loved woman. It was supposed to be all about her. She was a political figure but not in the mold of Republican/Democrat. She fought for a cause along side people of all colors, shapes and politics. The vast majority of us believe in that cause and admired her husband and her continuation of the fight after his murder.

Can you imagine what the antique media would have done if Bush had used the opportunity to bash the Kennedy family's illegal wiretapping of her phone and then went on to explain why his NSA program was different? He had Teddy the drunk there. By your reasoning this would have been acceptable, it was a political event.

May Coretta Scott King rest in peace finally reunited with her true love under the care of the angels.


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