Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Some Quick Updates on interesting news

Work happened again but I did bookmark these over the last few days.

Columbia hires memogate principal. Interesting that Columbia law would hire a professor that did something this unethical and was publicly caught doing so.

Professor Bainbridge on the Lucent/Alcatel Deal. I don't share his fears explicitly. I should point out that I have worked with both companies in both the US and France and expect to continue to do so irrespective of this deal. The fears he talks about are somewhat real but at the end of the day the kind of work he thinks should maybe kept in American hands is very segregated and often done by people with security clearances. There may or may not be a need for our government to put stricter processes around those pockets of work, but what country the CEO is in isn't all that important. This reminds me of some of the fear around the Dubai Ports deal. There are a number of government related email deals I have done where all the direct access to details were restricted to American born citizens and parts of the data further restricted to folks with security clearances. By the way, this isn't restricted to our government. I have been involved in deals with foreign governments where I couldn't get to the details I needed to really be helpful, which can be tricky. So there are issues but who sits on the board really isn't one of them.

Dry Bones pokes a little fun at the "democracy" we have help the Afgans establish.

Gateway Pundit has the dirt on the Russians giving US plans for invasion to Saddam. (HT: Powerline)

Hugh pokes fun at Jonathan Chait about feeling oppressed because Hugh asked him if he owned a gun. You will also find a like to RadioBlogger's transcript and audio of the interview which is worthwhile.

Stem cells from testicles. (HT: Tammy)

Dry Bones with a little on Israeli political processes.


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