Monday, March 13, 2006

Update on Rosa Parks Memorial

I seem to have missed a rule on the comments section. I reserve the right not to let organizations post their PR pieces on my blog. Over the weekend the "Rosa Parks Freedom Chapel" attempted to post a comment to my rant about them profiting over Mrs. Parks gravesite. I denied the posting of the comment but will give you a pointer to their official statement on their blog. I am unimpressed with their defense but leave it to you to make your own judgment.

BTW, had they simply attempted to post a short intro of who they are and a pointer to their PR statement on their own site I would have allowed the comment and posted my own followup stating I was unimpressed. I whole heartedly agree that individuals and institutions should have the right to defend themselves at the location where they were attacked. That is the single largest reason that I enabled moderated comments. This
(meaning blogs) is supposed to be, at least to some degree, about civil debate. My site is, however, not intended to be a landing zone for press releases posted by others. Some quick searching indicates that this organization searched for people (and there were many) who commented negatively on their actions and posted the same vanilla press release to them. Sorry, no dice here.

If someone there wants to have a discourse on the topic, we can certainly do that here.


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