Monday, March 06, 2006

Houston: People of N.O., get a job or go home

It seems that the good folks of Houston are a bit miffed that having bent over backwards for the folks who lost their homes to Katrina the good Mayor Nagin only wants the ones back that are willing to work. This guy has permanent foot in mouth disease.

On a more serious note, while there were certainly a good number of hard working respectable folks in New Orleans there were also a lot of free loaders and criminals. One could argue that New Orleans had more than their fair share of both. If I were the mayor I wouldn't want them back either. It is entire likely that by percentage those folks are more likely not to return. If they found the government teat in Houston why would they risk the possibility that it ran dry in New Orleans? If most of the working class moves back to New Orleans, Houston will be left with an expanded criminal and welfare class and few new taxpayers to help deal with them.


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