Saturday, February 18, 2006

Crazy Mullah smarter than Kofi?

There is at least one thing the crazy Mullahs in Iran believe that I agree with them on. Have a look at this story:

“They (the West) are trying to terrify us with a scarecrow called the Security Council. We are not scared ...”

I am shocked, shocked I tell you. The crazies continue to prove that the UN is a big waste of time and money. These lunatics only respect power, and then only power you are actually willing to use. I hope we don't have to use direct power this time. There are a lot of people in Iran who want a peaceful, free market democracy. This seems to me to be a job for folks like the CIA and special forces to go in and help (read give guns to) and train the locals so they have the ability to fight their own battle. All the data seems to suggest Iran is a country where the good guys greatly outnumber the bad guys but the worst of the bad guys are in charge.


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