Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Speed blogging

Teen Punished for U.S. flag flip. The silly kid in Whittier who put the American flag upside down under the American one has been "punished" by the school. They won't say exactly how which makes me very suspicious.

Ephedra is back. I highly advise staying far away from this stuff. Don't get me wrong, it should be legal but that doesn't mean it is healthy for you.

We have a lunatic in Oregon who thinks paper money isn't valid and is overpaying with gold coins for his fees in running for Governor. I love America.

If you are one of the 5 people in the US who hasn't heard the song "Bush was Right" yet, go here. (warning: it autoplays) Then go here and buy some music.

I am surprised anyone who has ever been to City Lights book store didn't know that they were lefty lunes who like banned books only if they were commie or socialist, but apparently I was wrong.

Another crazy Egyptian tells us why women must be mutilated as young girls. Serious "moderate" or "rational" Muslims need to get busy denouncing this type of thing more loudly before the masses begin to believe that you are all lunatics. I have already seen a proposal to change the Great Colorado prairie Dog Hunt into the first annual National Muslim hunt. Get in front of it my friends.

Gas prices are up 560% in Iraq....... to 33 cents/gallon.

All of Indiana has gone to Daylight Saving Time for the first time ever. Before this year, it was a mess. And an inspired teenager has a plan for making a business out of setting clocks on pesky VCRs.

Google execs refuse to take more than $1 salaries. Good for them. More execs should do this.

Couple leaves $1000 tip for pregnant waitress. Good for them too. A little crazy, but good crazy.

Perfect Wave breaks off Scotland. This is frightening. Really!

Could New York Mayor Bloomberg be more of an idiot? We all know he is a Democrat running on a Republican ticket, but he is also clearly insane. "You and I both play golf. Who takes care of the greens and the fairways in your golf course?" So we need the illegals so billionaires can play golf. Got it. I feel better now.

Rantingprofs has the most important question on the Jill Carroll story. And I agree with her analysis completely.

More proof that the whole TSA federalized guards in the airport plan was a bad one. Make the guards private (and ergo fireable) with government oversight. Roughing up Grandma for no reason must be answered. I am glad I wasn't there. I'd have wound up in jail. I'd have felt better, but I'd have been in jail.

Powerline asks a question about the Moussaoui verdict I haven't seen anywhere else. It is an interesting question. I am unsure of my answer.

Chinese bikini models.... you gotta go look at what Charles noticed that I wouldn't have. Very funny.

French immigrants from the "religion of peace" apparently feel free to throw stones at exchange students for wearing a skirt. Get ahead of it my friends.

I commented on this post at LGF about the Border's Books policies. Reminder to self: go check that thread.

Professor Bainbridge must have had one ear closed when he was listening to Hugh about immigration. As a regular listener and blog reader, I can assure you sir, you misunderstood.

Dry Bones tells the funny story happening after a cartoon poking fun at Time. If you haven't been there, you are a better person than I.

Frightening, absolutely frightening: Super Cavatating Torpedoes! (HT: Hugh)


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