Friday, April 28, 2006

There is a conspiracy!

To keep me from my morning news.

Both Powerline and Hugh are offline and have been for hours.

Same hosting company?

Denial of Service Attack by Kos Kidz? (Nah, they probably aren't bright enough, the CIA maybe?)

Hopefully, whatever it is it will resolve itself soon.

Update: Apparently there is a DoS going on with Hosting Matters, which hosts both Powerline and CQ (and I am presuming Hugh). LGF posted a handy dandy pointer to the discussion going on with Hosting Matters customers explaining things:

It doesn't really happen more often here than anywhere else, all things considered. I recall one NOC where they had a DOS of the week going on for close to six months. The target of this attack is not a high profile site, is not very well known outside of their own little circle, and otherwise is unremarkable. However, they've managed to irritate someone badly enough to have their site hacked twice and now they've generate this. So, as with anything that negatively affects every other client, we make adjustments. In this case, it means sending them out of the network so as not to impact anyone else.

Regarding the initial question: neither our own authorities (based on our experience with investigations of DOS attacks and other types of attacks) nor those in the country of origination are going to care about this enough to do anything about it. It's a sad fact of life.
Hosting Matters, Inc.
Superior service. Sensible price.
So apparently some minor customer of theirs has managed to royally piss off some foreigners. My experience with large ISPs is that there are many governments around the world who refuse to do anything about this sort of nonsense. And before you go jumping to conclusions, they are not all Islamocrazies or Commies. We are talking about Western European nations as well. Sad. Hopefully they will get a handle on it soon.

Update 2: Powerline and Hugh are back up. John claims the source of the DoS was Saudi Arabia. You can bet there will be no crackdown on the guilty party. Sad. Thanks to the folks at Hosting Matters for getting us our news back, I was forced to read the NYT today :-) It still sucks.


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