Monday, August 14, 2006

Welcome back to 1937

Can somebody explain to me why we allowed this insane UNSC resolution to pass? Has Condi been spending too much time with the pacifists at State or did she forget to pack her brain on her trip to NY? Unless this is a total head fake, which I don't believe but cannot entirely rule out, this is an awful deal for Israel, Lebanon and the western world.

What do I mean by a head fake? What does Israel do if their two soldiers are not returned alive and healthy? What does Israel or the "new and improved" UNIFIL do when the first rocket is launched from UNIFIL/Lebanese army controlled area?

PM Olmert is describing this as a pause between wars. Is that political ploy in the face of the unpopularity amongst Israelis of this result? Or is it a warning that he intends to take the gloves off if the soldiers don't come home followed by the disarmament of Hezbollah?

What the hell can the UNIFIL force do after the next Lebanese election when the terrorists will undoubtedly install a majority government? Southern Lebanon will then be controlled both by the elected leadership of the country AND a terrorist organization all at the same time.

And when is Mike Wallace going over to Syria where Nasrallah has been hiding to do his next "60 Minutes" "interview"? I really need to know how many kids he has and what he does with his spare time.

So it's 1937 all over again except the apologists are on color TV instead of AM radio.


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